Steve Brass is a speaker, author and business leader. As a published songwriter, playwright and book author, he continues to explore human relationships with insight and humor. 

"I find many of us avoid, deny or refuse to ask the big questions in life and then seem surprised when events occur that shake us from our comfort zones". 

Love Match was written to explore these pivotal questions that help us choose the right love and match for the most important relationship in our life. It was through the process of writing this book I met and married the love of my life.

Steve continues to write, speak and lead workshops on Fearless Living and Finding your Love Match.  

In 1979, he lived in Hollywood as a budding songwriter.  "Although I did not get a publishing deal while there, I learned some valuable lessons that serve me to this day. Persistence, asking the right questions, and going with your gut when making decisions".

Within six months after returning to Canada, he landed a publisher and was hired to write an album for Sandy McNeal. During this period he enrolled in Seneca College to study screenwriting and radio/tv arts.

He was fortunate to have his first two stage plays produced during that time and his play, WHO GOES FIRST?, was also selected to headline at the Erie, PA summer festival in 1980. His second play IS ANYBODY HOME? was produced the following year. HIs third venture on stage was DOUBLEPLAY

In 2011 he was asked to write a one act play, THE GRAND MURDER, for the Gaslight Theatre Festival in Collingwood, ON.

"My passion for writing has always been alive within me, but earning a living was also a priority. I started a training business in 1982 with $ 200. and built it into the leading emergency response agency in Ontario with over 500,000 graduates" . He continues to manage that business with his great business partner Brian.

In 1999, after the ending of a long relationship he joined a  seven day river rafting expedition on the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon to clear his head. "While navigating over 200 rapids it dawned on me I had been blessed with 3 critical strategies to deal with fear".

The book , FEARLESS LIVING was born on the banks of the Colorado. This heartfelt, practical book offers a roadmap based on 9 keys to manage fear, challenge and change.

FEARLESS LIVING  sold thousands of copies.  Steve led many workshops for companies and associations helping their members learn a new way of handling fear.  

"90% of what we worry about never comes about." 

Steve has always been fascinated by the martial arts, and studied a variety of systems, before realizing most people did not have the time or interest in studying complicated techniques that do not work in high stress real world situations. Again, he asked the questions others avoided. How to design a simple, powerful and effective self defense system that could be learned in hours. Street Smart Defense was born. 

Steve Brass loves to teach people from different organizations how to avoid, prevent and defend against theft and assault.

Through all his successes, he still had not found a life partner. Having lived with a number of wonderful women, but never finding the one he wanted to spend his life with, He began to reflect on what better questions he needed to ask early in the dating process. What were the pillars of compatibility he had missed?  He was fortunate to meet a fabulous lady through mutual friends while writing Love Match-50 questions to find your mate, who became his wife.

" It was as natural as sunshine to ask Donna to marry me".

" I continue to ask questions most people avoid, neglect or have not considered as I learn about myself and those I share my life with".

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