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Looove this Book!

By Adela E Radoff – November 1, 2013

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I heard about this book on the radio a while ago, and thought it sounded good. But... I never got around to looking for it. A friend told me if I wanted to find a life partner, I needed to pick up a copy of this book. Turns out it was the same book! I am currently in a relationship that has been guided by the questions in the book. Thank you Mr Brass for this wonderful gem!

By Gdouglas – July 19, 2013

I enjoyed "Love Match" very much, it is straight forward and easy to read. It took me back to my my first marriage and all the problems which ended in divorce. The questions the author puts forth pinpoint the issues to be discussed for a long lasting, loving relationship. I related to the many real life examples contained in "Love Match".

I intend to give a copy to my unmarried adult children. Great book and should be incorporated in premarital counseling.



By Ruth, nurse, counselor – July 1, 2013

After reading Love Match, I realized that this book could be used as a guide for marriage and family therapy. There are many questions to be asked that could help clarify what is needed in a new or long term relation that needs improvement. Professional therapists could use this as homework or as a guide to finding out what each partner is needing that they are not getting. Clarification, asking hard questions, this book gives some great ideas. Down to earth. Anecdotes are funny.

By kmac77 – June 24, 2013

I know that in life advice is not often heeded...I mean we are human... but if it is wise advice that goes unheeded, then it is usually at one's peril. I think the point of this book is to realize that when it comes to serious relationships...the wisest insights as to potential success or possible failure will come right out of your future partners lips. You just have to know what to ask him/her...and in posing the correct question(s) you will not only learn a great deal you did not know about him/her, but also a lot of things you did not know about yourself! Big advantage going in!

I found the book well-written and definitely helpful. Very practical.



Steve Brass has written a fun, fantastic, fast-reading book for helping one form finalized feelings towards a potential or existing life mate. Although no such guide was available to us five years ago, it was refreshing to learn by our answers that we made good life mate choices. Highly recommend reading for those looking for a life mate as well as for those already in a committed relationship.

Anyone who is dating needs this book

By marion "maise one" September 11, 2014, (Langley, British Columbia, Canada)

This is a fantastic book if you need some guidance in how to help yourself choose a mate. I am a huge advocate of asking the hard questions as you get to know someone and this book gives you a great idea of which types of questions to ask. I would also advise that you ask many of them of yourself as well, not just your date.
Great work, Steve.

Wisdom of Experience
Edward Laframboise "eclectic listener" October 11, 2013, (Ontario Canada

It is always priceless information when told from the first hand experience. This book is filled with wisdom from the trenches to be passed on to those who find themselves easily led astray by infatuation and just poor decision making while in the throes of loneliness.
This is not a novel although it could read like one

Maureen Draper "Maureen" – September 20, 2013, (Mickleton, NJ) 

This is not a novel although it could read like one. The lay-out is perfect for making comparisons to determine if you both are on the same page. It might be easier to read and think about, then flip back to read the questions again.

I particularly like the way there is a "partner version" a the end of each chapter. The titles are provocative too, leading to subjects that are pertinent to all who have interest in starting a new and different relationship
Love Match
Waltraut August 3, 2013

Love Match is a practical and thought provoking primer for those seeking a meaningful and enduring relationship. The author draws on his own personal experience and that of others to gain insight into the complex, challenging and sometimes confusing world of love. Finding the ideal match can be a daunting task. Steve Brass offers a solution not through answers but by way of questions. It's an interesting concept. I read the book while at a cottage with friends. It generated a lot of interest and some very lively conversation. Clearly this is a hot topic that warrants exploration. Love Match invites and challenges you to do that.
Down to Earth Questions For The Star-Crossed

Harry Posner July 3, 2013, (Caledon, Ontario, Canada)

Full disclosure: the author is a friend. But having said that, Steve Brass has written a book chockfull of common sense questions and telling anecdotes; perfect for the person who wishes to cut through the romantic haze that often hides relationship-breaking incompatibilities. It is a well organized and presented book, easy to use and straightforward in the ideas presented.
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